Nov 17, 2021 6:00 PM
Steve Carhart
Town Planner

The Downtown Improvement Committee was formed several years ago to undertake the original Downtown Improvement Project, which rebuilt curbs, sidewalks, and lighting in the lower downtown area, which emphasis on improving safety and accessibility for all users in addition to vehicles.

We currently have two major point of focus.  One is to be in dialog with the business community on behalf of the Town to identify and implement policies which can support business recovery from COVID.  Areas where we have been active include the pathway between town hall parking and Beach St.; providing public rest rooms in the business area; improving outdoor dining opportunities; and identifying ways to provide parking for employees which will maximize street parking for customers.  Our longer term project is dependent upon funding to be realized through state and federal infrastructure programs which are likely to be forthcoming, and represents extending the original improvements in sidewalks, curbs, lighting, and accessibility throughout downtown, i. e. to Pine St. along central; to Tappan down Beach, and to the Sea/Washington St. intersection on Summer.

Obviously we are always open to new ideas from others and welcome the opportunity to discuss our current initiatives.