The Club held the 24th annual scramble golf tournament at The Meadows in Peabody on October 2nd under overcast but mostly dry conditions, raising a significant portion of their annual funds for local scholarships. The overall winner on gross scores at nine under par were Buck Grader, Dave Dufour, Josh ? and Joe McCain. The winner on adjusted scores at 17 under par (5 under gross) were Bob Dumas, Brad Pierce, Dan Fiahlo and Barry Morse who broke a tie with second place David Ray, Chet Marcus, Matt Piaker and Brian D’Apice. The broom team was Susan Mirak, Sarah Willwerth-Dyer and Margaret Hughes who missed their fourth Hope Blette Violette. A wonderful prime rib dinner was put on by club member Ken Davis, and Chris Shea did is usual outstanding performance putting on the event. Thank you everyone for a wonderful time while we raised money for the community.
Please check out all the photos in the photo album for the event =>
2022 ROTARY GOLF TOURNAMENT RESULTS                                           GROSS/ADJUSTED
1  Jack Costello Mike Storella  Sean Zahn  Chris Connolly Bob McKenzie            -5    -15
2    Susan Mirak     Sarah Willwerth Dyer     Margaret Hughes                             +12     +2
3    Mike Alden      Matt Alden  Nate Alden     Liam Alden                                       -4     -14     
4    Tim Collins       Rich Grant       John Costello       Dan Rowe                               0     -15
5    Dave Ray       Chet Marcus      Matt Piaker      Brian D’Apice                            -9    -17
6     Ted Logue       Brett Scaldone      Aaron Hughes      Steve Philbrook                -7    -14
7     Paul Steriti      Ben Vitalini      Ed Dunn        Dave Cressey                                 -5    -15
8    Richard Sullivan     Peter Hickey      Bill Dobson     Adam Winn                        +1    -11
9    Steve O’Neill  Bill McCarthy  Bill Grannan    Chris Byrne*   -4    -12            
  • (Long Drive Winner)                                                    * (Closest to Pin)
10   Chris Shea  17    Phil Shea    25       Jay Maguire   11    Bill Sheridan                 -6    -16           
11   Buck Grader      Dave Dufour      Josh              Joe McCain                                 -9     -16                                                                               
12   Bob Dumas       Brad Pierce        Dan Fiahlo        Barry Morse                            -5     -17
13   Lisa Scanzillo       Marie Opidee         Martha Ryan         Diane Silva                 +4     -8
15   Chris Langathianos     Michael Newman     Carley Cook      Brian Rothe          -2    -13
16  Larry Guin        Bryce Suydam        Luke Gafney       Gene Record                     -2   -14
18    Jeff Morris      Jill Morris*     Leanne Lavoie    Brian Lavoie                             -7   -16
  •   (long Drive Women)